To Use in Terrariums

ST Coco Forest Bedding

ST coco bedding creates a comfortable and safe environment for the terrarium animals. This is 100% organic coconut based material and the product will create either a moist environment or a dry environment depending on the terrarium requirement. The product mix have the capacity to tailor depend on the customer usage such as high concentration of husk chips will create a moist tropical woodland environment for your pet.

The product comes as compressed briquettes, blocks and uncompressed loose form bags depending on the requirement and the briquette has the expansion capacity of 7 to 8 times of its original volume.
Major items include:
  ST Humus Briquette
  ST Husk Briquette
  ST Blocks
  Uncompressed Packets
ST Hides & Caves
ST hides & caves provide an excellent 100% natural hiding and resting place for small animals and reptiles in a terrarium. Without a proper place to retreat these animals will easily develop stress that will affect their activity and appetite. Made from coconut shells and coconut husks, ST hides protect your pet from overexposure and provide a humid and arid environment while giving a tropical look to your terrarium.
Major items include:
  Coconut Shell Domes (Hard and Husk)
  Froggy Homes
  Coco Cabin
Coco Background or Back Wall
Back walls and side walls of a terrarium are important when considering the natural appearance  it will provide as well as the utilitarian for the inhabitant to use as a climbing platform.  Back walls made from natural coir fiber provide both of these requirements. All ST Backgrounds are 100% natural mats made from coir fibers mixed with natural rubber as glue to make the shape required.  Plain backgrounds as well as backgrounds with nests, various shapes and colored background can also be produced matching the customer requirements.
Standard Background mat sizes:
  30 x 30 cm (4 per set)
  40 x 40 cm (4 per set)
  50 x 50 cm (4 per set)
  100 x 50 cm (4 per set)
  Standards Thickness: 1.5 - 2 cm
Coconut Water Disc
Providing access to safe water to animal in a terrarium is an essential part of any pet owner.ST water disks helps to blend this with the natural environment of the terrarium. These water discs are made of 100% natural coconut shell and complete natural husk.
Climbing wood

All the wood used for this purpose are branches of trees which are removed for re-plantation. The exterior of these wooden branches are tough, and its naturally-textured surface makes the reptile or amphibian feel right at home.  Using these branches in your terrarium is a safe way to create a virtual jungle for your climbing pet.
Approximate Size:  is 12' long x 1/8"-1/4" in diameter

ST Coir Pots
ST coir pots are eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic pots. These pots are 100% biodegradable and totally eliminate the need for replanting. Plants in a coir pots grow throughout the entire pot and even into the pot wall due to its organic composition. The fibrous nature of coir pots help in air pruning of roots during the propagation process. Once the roots reach the outer edge of the wall, they halt growing outwards and continue to grow inside the pot. Due to the biodegradability of our coir pots, commercial growers use the pots to grow plants that can be directly planted into the ground eliminating the chances for “transplant shock” which tends to occur during transplantation processes. Planting the pot directly into the ground, allows the plant to take root more effectively and promote the growth of plants in all shapes and sizes.

ST coir pots are one of the major products used to grow plants inside the terrarium. Coir fiber is bound together by natural rubber latex and molded into the shape of a pot desirable to the client. Shapes and sizes vary significantly. The plant will naturally grow with the coir pot and once the replanting is necessary the plant need not be removed from the smaller pot due to the penetrability of roots through the walls of the coir pot.
Coco Twine

Create a tropical paradise for your arboreal or climbing reptile. Bendable connecting vines from ST TERRA give your lizard a leg up on exercise with a reinforced coir wire. Climbing twine, covered in real coir and natural latex will provide the secure grip and remarkable realism to your pet as well to the terrarium as well.

Apart from above specific products you can always create your own special combinations of products with the consultation of our specialists.